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About Us

Diamond De Luxe is a mobile cigar catering service who come out to you, providing your event with an upscale cigar experience for you and your guests. Much like wine is an entire industry of enjoying flavor exploration, enjoying a cigar is a lot similar but also with a relaxing, social ritual regaining its popularity everywhere.

Cigars Aficionado’s:
We at Diamond De Luxe Cigar’s could not be more proud of each and every Cigar Aficionado hand selected to join our team. We’ve spent years searching and acquiring the most charismatic, respectful, caring, helpful, talented and knowledgable Cigar Aficionado’s throughout Southern CA. Based on the discussion, description and synopsis of your event we hand
select the very best Cigar Aficionado for your specific event. Please feel free to make a request for anyone in particular as we’re always happy to accommodate those based on their availability. Regardless there’s not a single cigar aficionado on our team who does not get reoccurring requests, because each and every one of us are the best at we do. 

Please note we have cigar Aficionado’s who speak a wide variety of languages and are familiar with numerous cultures specific events so please feel free to make any suggestions and/or requests. Each and every cigar aficionado tends the table to help your guests choose the best cigar for them. A cut and light service is provided for guests who like their cigars prepared for them or for the novice cigar smoker who requests assistance with the process. We always provide all ash trays and when the time comes to clean up we are extremely thoroughly and efficient.

Our cigars

We at Diamond De Luxe Cigars have spent years collecting, properly storing and preserving some of the finest premium cigars from around the world. We are also happy to accommodate any requests and do whatever we can to accommodate them. Either way we make sure you and your guests have a wide range of cigars from light, medium, medium plus, full, and even flavored cigars to choose from. We make it our top priority to satisfy you all of your guests palates from the novice cigar smoker to the experienced one.

Event Theme Display’s

We at Diamond De Luxe Cigar’s have been known for providing some of the most extravagant and miraculous displays to each and every specific themed party. We are truly blessed with some of the finest artists and decorators who take tremendous pride in their work. All of which are beyond thrilled to go above and beyond to make sure our booth is well equipped to fit right in with each and every individual theme.

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